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Why LGG Financial?

Experience: It’s all about our clients!

LGG Financial strives to provide clients not only with the best advice but with the best experience. We will travel to you, meet halfway, or, you can come to our office. We are able to provide personalized service for all of our clients and accommodate most of our client’s requests.

We take time to get to know you. By getting to know our clients, we are able to provide advice that will accommodate their lifestyle and make their plan personalized and easy to follow.

Fiduciary vs. Suitability

LGG Financial is a registered investment advisory firm. This means we have a fiduciary duty to act in the absolute best interest of our clients. We must follow the trust standard, the highest in law, which requires us to place the interests of our clients ahead of our own interests. LGG Financial does not work for a broker-dealer; we only work for our clients. Contrarily, brokers only have a “suitability” standard and only need to provide “suitable” advice. This may not be the absolute best advice for the client.

Advice vs. Transactions

Brokers are paid commissions on products sold, so they are looking to sell. LGG Financial does not earn commissions; we earn a fee based on the amount of assets a client has under management. LGG Financial provides advice to our clients, not transactions.

Transparency vs. Disclosure

Brokers provide disclosure of their fees through a prospectus. This can be extremely difficult to understand even for those with significant investment experience. LGG Financial provides full transparency of all of fees and costs. We discuss all aspects of our fees with you so you know where every penny of your money is going. We also provide fee reports that show full transparency on all incurred fees.

Keeping it small

Being the biggest does not always mean being the best. We believe in keeping our firm small. Being small means fewer clients. Fewer clients allow us to build intimate relationships. These relationships are deep and lasting. Small means more time to focus on each client and their unique needs. Small means always working with Brian, Nancy and David. You are paying to work with us, not a revolving door of junior advisors.

For many advisors, growing a practice is a major focus. At LGG Financial, we recognize our clients do not pay us to grow our practice. Seminars, dinners, cold calling and mass mailings take up a lot of time. The time spent cultivating a marketing campaign takes away from time spent helping clients. We do not mass market. For over 20 years, we have grown our business through only referrals. We spend our time building relationships that help our clients meet and exceed their goals.

Our Team

David Greenleigh
Founding Partner
Brian Luts
Founding Partner
Nancy Scallion Johnson
Operations Manager

Our Process

The process revolves around you:

1. Holistic Planning

We look to encompass every aspect of our client’s life while helping formulate a financial plan. We do not provide a fragment of objectives and goals; we provide clients with a holistic view.

2. Education

What good is a financial plan when you cannot comprehend every aspect? We pride ourselves in educating our clients throughout the financial planning process. Understanding investments, social security, taxes and estate strategies is extremely important. We promote empowering our clients through education. It is this education which allows our clients to make financial decisions with confidence.

3. Portfolio Construction

Each client is unique and requires a unique portfolio. Whether we utilize individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and/or individual bonds, each client’s portfolio is constructed to satisfy the client’s specific risk tolerance, cash flow needs and tax situation.

4. Disciplined Investing

We focus on ‘Disciplined Investing in an Undisciplined World’ to keep of our clients on track of their plans. Today’s world can be a chaotic place where it is easy to act on impulses. We attempt to keep clients from making undisciplined choices.

5. Tactically Allocating, Monitoring and Rebalancing

Markets tend to send constantly mixed signals. It is our job to try and decipher these signals. From time to time, slight deviations may be taken from the client’s prescribed allocation in order to take advantage of opportunities, or limit risk. We refer to this tweaking method as “tactical allocation”.

What has worked in the past may not always work in the present or future. LGG Financial constantly monitors each client’s investments. It is vital that each investment option performs as intended. With countless investment options to choose from, we find it important to utilize investments with the best performance and risk options.

We believe rebalancing a client’s portfolio is a crucial step in optimizing performance and staying within the client’s intended risk parameters. Rebalancing is a systematic process which forces us to reduce exposure to investments which have outperformed, and therefore, reinvest the proceeds in investments which have underperformed (due to market conditions). Additionally, the rebalancing process prevents each client’s portfolio from taking on either too much or not enough risk.

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