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At LGG Financial, providing the maximum level of service to our clients is paramount. Our service model reaches beyond any expectations.

It is important to stay in touch. At a minimum, we speak with every client on a quarterly basis. These calls allow our clients to hear from us about current market conditions, our market forecast and account performance. These calls also allow us to get updates from our clients. It is crucial for us to understand how our clients are feeling about their investments and the markets.

We also use these calls to get information from our clients about their lives and any decisions they may be wrestling with. Are they looking to move? Buy a second home? Purchase a new car? Maybe taking the kids and grandkids on a vacation? We are constantly gathering insight on new issues and/or expenses that may lead to a change in their financial plan.

Annually we have our “full blown” review. Here we review all account holdings and each client’s “plan based performance”. Plan based performance refers to account performance relative to each client’s financial plan. At LGG Financial, we believe understanding how your accounts are performing relative to “the markets” is not only nice to know but critical to know if your accounts are keeping pace with your financial plan.

The services listed above are what you should expect from a “traditional financial advisor”. However, our services go above and beyond “traditional”. On a regular basis our clients use us for education planning, tax planning and estate planning strategies. We have been involved with special needs planning as well. We have helped numerous clients with debt management, financing strategies, refinancing and real estate financing.

Should you choose to utilize our financial planning and asset management services only, or take advantage of all of the additional services which we provide, rest assured, you will never incur additional fees or changes.

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We offer a complimentary review meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.

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